I have not written for a while, probably a good few months. I had not intended to ‘blogi’ during the holidays because it is so far from a holiday as many of you will know it is a joke and no wonder when the mere mention of the word ‘holidays’ are spoken the hair on our arms sit bolt upright and we get the heebies jeebies. Holidays to us is just a bloody nightmare. Jack has always gone to an Out of School Club which if filled with the same staff year in year out and they seem to really like Jack and he certainly really enjoys being with them.  Them being the women who run the club.  He has over the years gone from being the only child with additional support needs at the club to there being two or three children who attend who also require support.  My main problem as the years have gone on is that Jack is about 5ft 6 now, he is a young man, he requires shaved daily (by me) else he looks like Grizzly Adams and he is a heavy lad also.  He now attends the Out of School Club will small primary school children and to me he looks completely out of place.  Don’t get me wrong the children are lovely with him and there are no issues that I am aware of and I would know because Jack would probably not want to go if there was.  He loves being there with the staff who are really kind and good with him but I think even they would say that his needs are not best met there.  He does not get to go out hardly at all.  The Club sits at the top of a hill so it would not be safe for them to push him in his wheelchair, and he cannot access the grounds in which the children play in.  So he sits in almost all of the time. I however find that this is the only provision that accommodates my working life.  If I have a work thing that starts at 9.00am in Glasgow (1 hours drive away), then I can put him in the Out of School Provision from 8..00am and I can also pick him up as late as 6.00pm although I never do, but the flexibility around the times suits me.  He does not go there everyday, only when I need to be out of the house during holiday time.  The rest of the time his life is not that much more exciting because I will be working away on my laptop at home and he is left to organise his time between the kitchen (his laptop) and the living room (where the tv is).  He gets bored and fed up but there is little I can do and he is lucky that I work from home and that he has the opportunity to stay with me when possible and not have to go to somewhere all day everyday which some children do.  There is no other option at the moment buy the childcare he has does not meet his needs and although he gets a good socialising from it I do not feel he achieves much in any other way.Image

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